Monday, October 10, 2011

Kaden, Lauren, Ava, and Olivia in October

Ava had an Octoberfest celebration at her school. They were invited to wear German clothes. Ava jumps at a chance to sport her dirndle.

Lauren is doing well with dance,violin, and loves to pose.

Kaden is enjoying scouting, reading, and piano.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness!! Your kids are so incredibly beautiful and growing up so fast! I agree... I could smother little Livvy-Love in kisses anytime! I so miss you guys and LOVE my nephew and sweet nieces! Give them kisses for me. Love you all!!!

Kabe 'n Dave said...

I didn't know Kade was playing the piano, and Lauren the violin! That's awesome! As always, the kids are beautiful. Every time I see a pic of Kaden he looks more handsome and grown up. Love you guys. I love that you're blogging again!!!!

Jan S said...

Your kids are beautiful AND accomplished - way to go, Mama!