Monday, September 26, 2011


The other day Ava asked for some cheese. All I had in the fridge was a new German variety that she hadn't tried before. As I handed it to her, I waited patiently for her response. We've really been trying to work on manners lately. Hoping that she would thank me for stopping what I was doing to fix her a snack, I waited and waited. So finally I said, "Ava, what do you say?"

From the other room she yelled back, "I say this is YUCK!"

Oh Ava, how dull life would be without your sweet sassiness! How I love you little bug.


Amy said...

I love that little bug too! She is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to play with her next summer. Love and miss you!!!

Kabe 'n Dave said...

HAHAHAHAHA! At least she was honest! :)

Jalene said...

LOL! That is sooooo funny!

Jan S said...

Well, you asked! haha! What a spunky little gal. Wish so much we could be more a part of your life, Marnie. I miss you, honey.
Love, Aunt Jan

Brittany said...

that cracks me up! you sound incredibly patient though. Boy, I wish I were!!